Jabberwocky`s Dressed to kill

She has the Bulldogclubs Health certificate

Thank you to Constanze for letting us buy this wonderfull dog

Million Dollar Baby Kinibox

Daugther of NED. & INT.Kamp Two Rivers Darvin & Iceglint I`m Sue 


Thank You to Hennie & Elco for letting us buy this wonderfull dog

She has the bulldogclubs Health Certificate


Skawbulls Adorabel Maryli Monroe 

Are mated with House of Skovsbøl Cotton Fields puppies ca. week 12 2014
She has had 2 litters self hvelped


She has the Bulldogclubs Healths Certificate



Thank you to Gitte and Ole for this wonderfull dog
House of Skovsbøl Ballroom Blitz

Daugther of DKCH Bullystyle´s Beyond Brilliant &

Chrystal Clear Kinibox


Jabberwocky`s Dressed to Kill

Clubshau 2009 in Burg

V1 Zwischenklasse

Clubsiegerin 2009 AECB

Jugde Mr Chris Burton

Bulldogudstilling i Stepping 30 - 8 - 09

Jabberwocky`s Dressed to Kill

Best in Breed BIR Certifikat

Jugde Marije Koster - Mestrom   Holland

Clubsiegerin in Germany 2009 AECB

Nr. 7 on The Danish Bulldog Club top ten list 2010
1 cac ind DK 2009
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